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Happy Customers

"My DeCap-N-Catcher is definitely a topic of conversation in my kitchen. Folks are constantly surprised by the ingenious simplicity of this good looking bottle opener and I've even had people ask me where I got it! This baby has a permanent home on my refrigerator."

Amber L. Portland, OR

"Dude, this thing ROCKS! Previously, my beer intake has always been limited by the difficulty of opening bottles with a typical opener. Now, with the DeCap-N-Catcher, there's a dramatic reduction in the hand-eye coordination required. And, as it's securely fastened to the side of the fridge, I no longer have to remember where I left the opener! It's genius!"

Kirk H. Portland, OR

"The DeCap-N-Catcher is great for tailgating at your favorite sports event. Last weekend, I was up in Seattle for a Seahawks game with some friends and we had a really fun time cracking a few brews right before the game. With the opener stuck to the outside of the car, it made it easy for a big group of people to find the opener and get their choice of beverage open. Also, you know when you are at a party and as the party goes on people misplace the bottle opener, especially after they’ve had a few brewskis. No more "Hey Man, where’s the opener!!!" at your parties with this thing. The DeCap-N-Catcher makes it "no worries" to get your beverages open at your social gatherings and your friends will love it when the opener catches the bottle cap for them. Great novelty to share with the buddies!!!"

Brian G. Portland, OR

"The DeCap-N-Catcher was a huge hit!  The whole family was sitting around, everybody having a big time while my brother Billy opened his birthday presents.  His last present (from me) was the DeCap-N-Catcher.  Everybody's scratching their heads and going "Whaaa?  Very nice, a bottle opener.  Hummmm."  But I jumped up and led them to the kitchen, slapped that sucker onto the refrigerator, and said "Somebody get me a beer!"  A beer was produced and, with much fanfare, I opened it with the DeCap-N-Catcher!  The crowd went wild!!!  Everybody had to open a new beer and watch the DeCap-N-Catcher catch the cap!  My Mom had to use a broom to get us out of her kitchen!!!"
That's my story, and it's all true.  I'll be on the website ordering another one for my other brother (who was very jealous) for Christmas, and I think he wants to do the same for friends of his.  I truly hope your brilliant little cottage industry is going well!

Susan C. Chapel Hill, NC


Hey Troy - 
I presented the DeCap-N-Catcher to my friend at the Friday afternoon beer event at work last week. I will never get over the look on people's faces when they crack their first brew on your opener and the magnet catches the cap. Everyone had to try it - we seemed to top out at 14 caps before it started dropping them. More than a few people asked me "Where can I get one?" or "I gotta have one of those!" - Perhaps I should be a distributor. 

Thanks for spotting me for the brews at the Festival last week - you are a great host. 

Best -


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